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Valley Missionary Program

Missionary Center.

The Missionary Center is the home of the many Encounters the Valley Missionary Program hosts every year (Schedule for 2000). Before it was built, the Encounters were held in "Parrochial" Schools and Retreat Houses. As the Program was growing we felt the need of a home we could call our own.

The Design of The Center had to accomodate the Spanish Colonial heritage of the people it served. Fund-raisers took place in order to buy the materials. All the labor was provided by the members of the Programs who would volonteer on weekends. It took 62 weekends of hard labor under the scurging sun of the Desert and $480,000 to build this monument to to the collaborative mission of the Church. The Center can Sleep up to 120 peoples and has more than adecuate kitchen facilities. The Center was dedicated on June 9, 1991. The vitality of the many Encounters and programs hosted at the Center requires already an expansion in the near future.


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