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Valley Missionary Program


Fr. Jose Pawlicki

The Valley Missionary Program (VMP)began as the dream of Father Jose' Pawlicki CSC, of the Congregation of Holy Cross. As a missionary to the Latino population of the Diocese of San Bernardino and especially in the Coachella Valley, Fr. Pawlicki learned of the significance of friendship for the Latino community - a community struggling amidst gang activity, drug addiction, alcholism, teen pregnancy and other family problems.

Fr. Jose Pawlicki

Following the call of Pope John Paul II for a "new evangelization", the Valley Missionary Program has sought to bring new life to the Catholic Church of the area. At the heart of the Program is the Missionary Encounter Retreat which is the tool used to provoke a deep conversion to the Lord so that His commandment of mutal love may be leaved amongst the members of the Small Christian Communities formed as the result of the Encounter. The members of the Valley Missionary Program are called to joyful service by becoming lay missionaries to the needs of the Hispanic community but especially, to the alienated from Church. The program now has been established in other Dioceses of Continental the United States, Hawaii and in several other Diocese of Mexico.

The Valley Missionary Program as a Lay association within the Diocese of San Bernardino is governed by a President and an Executive Committee and it finances itself by the pledging of its members of 2.5% of their income.

Fr. Jose' Pawlicki CSC, Founder of the Valley Missionary Program, died on December 13, 1999. Fr. Pepe Martelli CSC has been appointed to succeed Fr. Pawlicki as Spiritual Director of the Program.


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