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Valley Missionary Program

Missionary Encounter.

The Missionary Encounter is a retreat of three and half days dedicated to pure Evangelization. When we make the statement that the Encounter is pure Evangelization, we mean that the Encounter has as its primary goal to make possible the conversion to the Lord of the Candidates that the Lord Himself sends to our Encounters. There is but one endeavor for the Missionary Encounter. That is to announce the God News that Jesus is a personal and ever present friend. The conversion of the heart and the willingness to say "yes" to the Lord and His way of life brings to a commitment to join a Small Christian Community where the commandment of fraternal love is concretely lived. Filled by gift of God the members of the Valley Missionary Program must become missionaries themselves and give what they themselves have recieved. The Encounter is given by a Team of about 50 lay people with their Spiritual Directors. The team goes through a period of 8 wee of formation in order to serve in many capacities.

Each year there are five men's Encounters and five women's Encounters in Spanish and three women and men's Encounters respectively at the Missionary Center in Coachella.

The Valley Missionary Program has spread outside the Valley to Honolulu, HA, Los Angeles, CA, Phoenix, AZ, and Mexicali, San Luis de Soyatlan, Quiquilpan and Capilla de Milpillas in Mexico.


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